ECA Rescore Window Opens

The ECA Spring Rescore window is open from today, July 25, 2016 through August 12, 2016.  Parents/Guardians can visit this link and login to begin the rescore process.  We have also attached a  Quick Reference Guide for parents/guardians that you may share.  If a parent/guardian has misplaced a username or password information, needs technical assistance or would like to be walked through the rescore process, customer support can be reached at 877-424-0322 or

Letter from Superintendent Dr. Mike Brewster

August 1, 2016

Communities of East Gibson,

As Superintendent of the East Gibson School Corporation communities of Francisco, Buckskin, Mackey, Oakland City and Somerville, I would like to express my excitement for the beginning of the 2016-17 school year and the new opportunities and challenges it brings. I want to welcome our new WMJH/WMHS principal, Mr. Kevin Smith.   Mr. Smith brings experience and a wealth of knowledge, to Wood Memorial Junior High and Wood Memorial High School.

The East Gibson School Corporation is committed to providing all students with quality, personalized learning environment that prepares them to meet current and future challenges and opportunities.  The Board of Education of the East Gibson School Corporation believes in the dignity and worth of each individual.  Therefore, each child shall be accepted into the educational program as he is and shall be provided with a school environment and learning experience designed to develop his/her talents, skills, and intellectual power to the limit of his/her capacity.

We deliver our mission through a strong and growing academic program, a wide range of co-curricular offerings, and a commitment to provide excellence tailored to the individual needs of every student.  Each day administration and staff work together to meet the academic, social, emotional, behavioral and physical needs of each our students.

We are proud of our school corporation and during the 2016-17 school year, we are going to continue to strive to become and “A” school corporation, a school corporation that is know as a “class” educational institution.

Please feel free to stop by any of our five schools which includes Barton Township Elementary, Francisco Elementary, Oakland City Elementary, Wood Memorial Junior High and Wood Memorial High School for a visit.

Dr. Henry M. Brewster, Superintendent
East Gibson School Corporation