Faculty Directory

Wood Memorial High School Staff

Lauren Novell
Advanced Environmental Science

Brenda Barrett
Algebra 1

Johnnie Bartley

Kevin Blemker
Civil Engineering & Architecture
Introduction to Engineering Design
Principles of Engineering

Nicole Caniff
English 11
AP English 12

Megan Colvin
Special Education

Mark Dessauer
English 12
World History

Elzabeth Elpers

Elizabeth Elpers
English 9

Carla Gehlhausen
Business Math
College and Careers
Introduction to Accounting
JH Digital Citizenship

Janet Gentry
Algebra 1A
Chemistry 1
Chemistry 2

Dan Gomez
Special Education Aide

Elizabeth Hill
Art 8
JH College & Careers
Visual Communications

Gary Horrall

Leslie Jordan
US Government

Hallie Muncy

Hallie Muncy Kolb
AP Biology
Biology 1

Jaime Malotte
Foreign Language–Spanish 
Kevin Menke

Kevin Menke
Advanced Physical Education
High School Physical Education

Sally Morton
Health Science
Medical Terminology

Lori Nossett
Digital Applications
Computer Science I
Interactive Media
Introduction to Computer Science
Web Design

Melissa Parker
English 10

Anita Powell
Introduction Art 2/3
Advanced Art 2/3 





Kenneth Reising
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Geometry 1

Dana Senninger
Algebra 1
Algebra 2 

Cody Shoultz
US History

Beth Shuler
Nutrition & Wellness
Advanced Nutrition & Wellness
Child Development
Human Development & Wellness
Housing & Interior Design
Interpersonal Relationships

Danielle Ward
Physical Education

Michael White