2015-16 Yearbooks are available for pick-up from Mrs. E. Hill’s office Aug. 1-4 & 8-9, from 8:30AM-2:30PM or at Open House in the Junior High Computer Lab. Extra books are available for purchase for $50.

2016-17 BACK TO SCHOOL YEARBOOK DEAL: Purchase a yearbook and personalization, get 4 icons for free! You must purchase personalization to receive the icons. Offer expires September 16, 2016. Order forms will be available at Open House at the Yearbook Table in the High School Hallway, in the HS & JH offices, or form Mrs. E. Hill. Purchases can be made online at

HIGH SCHOOL Yearbooks (hardback):
*Make Checks payable to Wood Memorial High School

Signature Package  $57.00
(Includes: Yearbook, Personalization, 8 Multicolored Signing Markers, Autograph Section)

Yearbook  $40.00 Personalization $6.00 Icons FREE!

Autograph Section $3.00

Photo Pockets $3.00

Clear Protective Cover  $3.00